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April 26th-28th, 2024

What is left of the American and Canadian armed forces have joined together to stop the global takeover of the Russian and Chinese powerhouse, who will stop at nothing to gain full control of the globe.

$80 per player for entire weekend. Ticket includes camping pass.

Please click on the flag of the team you wish to fight for to purchase ticket.

Allied Forces



Axis Forces




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Medic Class

One Medic for every 10 Troops. To be determined by the CO and marked with a white armband with a Red Cross. Must be worn on either arm in plain sight of all personal. Medics can move about the field and heal as they encounter wounded personnel. They may set up a MASH unit (portable Hospital) by erecting a Red Cross Flag in any building they control. Only one MASH Unit per side. This will be a forward respawn point until it is overrun, captured or moved by Command. Medics can only be relieved by Command and can only be healed by another Medic or return to respawn. Any player not receiving aid may choose a 3 minute bleed out and return to his FOB for reinsertion back into the game. There will be no Buddy Medic for this Game


“God” Medic

A very special class of Medic. Only one per team (4 total). This Medic will have a Gold armband with a Red Cross. Appointed by Command, he can instantly heal any wounded troop by simply touching them.

If wounded, he cannot be revived by Medic and must return to the FOB in order to heal himself and return to Battle. Protect him at all cost.


Engineer Class

One Engineer for every 10 Troops. To be determined by CO and marked with an orange armband to be worn in plain sight of all personal. Engineers are responsible for specific missions that only an Engineer can do. Det Chord, Repairing damaged (not destroyed) technicals, Breaching padlocked doors and any task given by Command.

An Engineer may not drive a Technical.


Exposive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

Sappers will be chosen by Control at the start of Gameplay and given specific instructions for specific missions. They are not marked by any special color armband nor are they limited to the EOD role. CO cannot pick his own EOD. Only EOD can handle explosives to include but not limited to IEDs, mortars, roman candle miniguns and the placement and/or removal of any explosive device.



Sniper Class is primarily for Recon and Assassination. Specific missions from Command will be given to Snipers to be carried out in a timely (and quiet) manner.


A specific person may not have more than one specialty role at any given time. Example: A Medic may not be an Engineer while in the Medic Role…or an EOD may not double as an Engineer.

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